Panelized Home Construction

The Future of Building

Several years ago, we saw a demand for prefab conventional homes that were not timber frame homes nor modular homes, but a high-quality prefabricated structure that can be built faster and more efficiently than a conventional stick-built home.

To meet this demand, we developed our ShopBuiltTM prefab building system, a panelized wall system that allows homeowners and builders to build a quality new custom home faster and more energy-efficiently when compared to conventional building methods. Our panelized system works well with SIP's Roof Panels and as an alternative to traditional SIP's Wall Panels and can be incorporated with timber frames or conventional construction.

Panelized Building Benefits

*Reduced Environmental Impact

*Faster Construction

*Reduced On-Site Labor Costs

*Exceptional Energy Efficiency

*Premium Building Materials That Are Not Exposed To The Elements

*Flexible Design Options To Meet Your Needs

What Is Panelization?

Modern Materials & Methods

To begin, let's clarify a MAJOR misconception about Panelized Homes. A common misconception is that panelized homes are the same as a "prefab" or "modular" home. A modular home is a pre-built structure and is called a "closed wall system."

A panelized home, unlike a 'prefab'"home is COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZABLE. It is not a pre-assembled home. A panelized home is just like a stick built home - Except it is simply the process of making wall sections off-site in a manufacturing facility instead of out at the construction site. It is built with Your Design, with Your Budget, in Your Schedule. You can submit us your own plan or have us develop a custom plan for you.

While your site is being prepared, your custom home is being built at our facilty, in the safety of our controlled environment.

When the site and foundation is ready, the completed wall panels will be delivered to your site and a crane will place the prefabricated wall panels while our team helps guide and secure the process. The entire wall system can be set in hours, not weeks saving time and $.

Our panelized home building systems retain the best aspects of "stick" frame construction. They combine time-tested building methods with modern technology to deliver customizable, energy efficient, beautiful new homes.


Comfort & Energy Efficiency

Who Doesn't Want That?

"We wanted our home to "belong" on the mountain; but more importantly, we wanted our home to be constructed with lessened environmental impact, with leading-edge, safe and durable materials and construction techniques. HCTF knew exactly how to build our high-performance home. We are very fortunate to have found them! Thanks to HCTF, we have a beautiful and comfortable, highly efficient dream home that will be a part of our family - and Roan Mountain for many, many years!" -
The Cackowski's

"VandeMusser Design, PLLC has tested well over a thousand green homes for various certifications over the years and the home we just tested for High Country Timberframe falls into the upper echelon of high-performance houses. With a HERS index of 52 (48% better than code), the house they built for the Greene family in Boone, NC is projected to use approximately 50% of the energy of an equivalent code-built house."

panelized walls installation
Residential Project

Cullowhee, NC

This home which incorporates SIP's, our ShopBuilt Panelized Walls and heavy timber roof system was constructed in Cullowhee, NC

Care About The Environment?

We All Should!

As a construction professional, we understand and support the fact that sustainable building practices are not just a passing trend but a long overdue change in attitude, methods and materials. From the beginning of any of our projects, sustainability is an emphasis, not just a secondary aspect of a job. Our ShopBuilt Panelized Wall Systems are designed and manufactured to exceed local building codes. A software program maps exact measurements and provides significant raw material waste savings, down to 2% on framing materials rather than the industry standard 20% for site built construction. The short cutoff lengths which are left are recycled in the factory for future projects. If any waste at all is left, it will fit into a trash can - not dumpsters. Imagine the Landfills not being full of leftovers!

The need for delivery trucks to and from the construction site is also reduced, thus resulting in less fuel consumption and reduced Co2 emmisions.

Quality Control

Higher Quality, More Consistency

A common misconception is that panelized homes are the same as a "prefab" or "modular" home, meaning reduced quality of construction. A panelized home is just like a stick built home - Except it is simply the process of making wall sections in a factory instead of out at the construction site.

Our ShopBuilt Panelized Building System is a construction technique that utilizes advanced technology, quality materials, and a controlled work environment to build wall panels and construct a durable, energy-efficient structure in less time and with reduced environmental impact.

Our crew is trained and knowledgeable in all types of construction and most have received their HERS Rater, BPI Building Envelope and Envelope Professional Certifications. They are knowledgeable and skilled in all aspects of home construction, resulting in higher quality and more consistency.

Delays because of weather, material delivery, and subcontractor schedules - often unavoidable in stick-built construction - are much less of a problem with a panelized home, because the construction is substantially completed in a controlled factory environment. Being constructed in the controlled environment means virtually no time or money wasted in materials exposed to weather damage.

Your home's plans are built to meet or exceed your local building codes before they leave the facility, even if your area requires special features to compensate for high winds, excessive snow loads and other considerations.

Our experienced design staff is ready to develop your new custom home. As the area's foremost Panelized Home Builder we would love to discuss your project. So call us today at 828.264.8971 or